Paulina Bedrack


After finishing her studies in Fine Arts at the University of Chile (1993 - 1999) 

Paulina moved to Barcelona (2000- 2010), she began to study printings and stamps technics in the Barcelona University. Her Investigation centered on the austerity of colors and visual information. Paulina's proposal consists of generat a pause which invites introspection and provokes a sensory experience.


In 2010 she comes back to Chile, and she become a Iyengar Yoga teacher, in order to combine the spiritual path whit the Art. In 2016 she moves to Germany. Actually she paint and teach in Cologne.





A color phase

"Paulina Bedrack’s work in this current colour phase portrays objects that were previously seen as distant and veiled in large, nebulous backgrounds as close to the viewer and well defined. This phase investigates a conceptual change, a transformation from peacefulness and whiteness towards a joyful expression—reflected largely in the use of colour and compositions. We thus find a painter centering on chromatic exploration that opens into a great sensitivity."